Submitted by Carol-Anne Tucker-Watt: Member since 2013
Submitted by Carol-Anne Tucker-Watt: Member since 2013
My husband's paternal grandfather, Watt Lai-Bo and family in Guangdong (Canton), China. Watt Lai-Bo was a famous Chinese opera singer. He even traveled to San Francisco to sing. My father-in-law, Watt Yew, played several Chinese musical instruments.

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April 11
The Great Scottish Migration to America
Adrienne Tomkins will discuss what led many Scots to come to America and the influence they have had on our cities, landmarks and military traditions. 

May 9
Show and Tell
Share your genealogy discoveries! Participants have 10 minutes to share a story, document, or any genealogy find. No sign-up needed. Plus, induction of new CCCGS board members.